Shana + Alex

iDo Wedding Packages include beautifully hand-rendered still photos, film clips of key moments from throughout your wedding day, and feature music video highlight films -
All presented through an interactive app that works flawlessly on Apple iPads.

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Out of all the expenses we had for our wedding, Keith (Video) and Rutsen (Photo) were the BEST decisions I made and money well spent. Keith was amazing, brilliantly talented. You absolutely will not be disappointed. My sister-in-law really encouraged us to spend a little extra money on photography because she didn’t for her wedding, and wished she had. For our main album I have to narrow it down to 40 photos and it is taking me months because it is just absolutely impossible. There are well over a hundred pictures that are just AWESOME. Not just a few, hundreds. I keep looking at them going, “this is my favorite... no, this one is my favorite.” Rutsen is not just a brilliant photographer (I mean, obviously, if you have been on his website), he is a down-to-earth, real, family man, and we just loved him, and our guests just loved him too.
— Shana Groves

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